PODEMOS CROWDFUNDING: Help us to fund the first Podemos International Debate in London

As you may know, we’re working to organise Podemos’s first international debate together with other European social movements and political forces.

Although we work hard to be self-sufficient, in an event of this nature we are forced to ask for the collaboration of people like you.

As small as your contribution might be, from Podemos London we’ll be forever grateful because you’ll help us to take a step forward in the path that we’d like to walk with this exciting project that is Podemos.

Here you have the link to the crowdfunding; please share as much as you can.

Thanks to your help, we can!

Debate threads to discuss the drafts in the Plaza Podemos (London Circle)

You can now participate in the threads opened by the London Circle in the Plaza Podemos to debate the ethical, organisational, and political drafts. In order to do so, it is necessary to create an account at Reddit (plaza Podemos).
It’s fundamental to read these documents before the assemblies, and if you can’t join us in person, this is the space where you can make your voice heard and participate in the construction of Podemos.
In each thread you’ll find the following:
  • Link to the document or text of the draft itself.
  • Link to the general discussion thread for each draft
  • Space to discuss


Watch this space if you are new in the Plaza Podemos, for the audiovisual team is preparing tutorial videos for the different tools  we’ll be using. In the coming week we’ll upload one on how to use the Plaza Podemos.