What is Podemos?

Podemos is a tool for citizen empowerment, which aims to transform popular outrage into political change capable of  reclaiming the institutions and putting them at the service of the citizens. It was registered as a party in March last year, and ran what’s been described as the most effective campaign of the European Elections, obtaining 5 MEPs and wide international support. Since then popular support for Podemos has kept growing exponentially, becoming the second political force in direct voting intention in Spain.

Nevertheless, Podemos is not just a party, it’s a citizen’s initiative that aims to build democracy through citizen participation and popular unity. At its heart are over a 1000 assemblies or ‘circles’, horizontally-organised, locally-held meetings (check here for details on how to attend the London one), in which people from across the political spectrum gather to discuss and decide how to turn their frustration into effective political action. We propose simple but deep changes: to reclaim democracy, place politics at the service of people and Human Rights, and to be able to choose the economic model in which we work and live.

For further information on the ongoing Citizen’s Assembly check this earlier post, and here you can find some media coverage about Podemos in English: